The Semiconductor Industry is looking to exceed $430 Billion globally and looks to continue to grow into the next decade. With that growth, comes advancements in the design, technology and more extreme performance requirements. DPACI continues to invest in testing technology to stay one step ahead of the industry requirements while innovating how testing is performed.

Aerospace and Defense

Todays advanced aerospace and military equipment, such as data displays, guidance systems onboard computers systems and data process units, continue to put more demands on the semiconductor industry to reduce size and cost while increasing performance. DPACI is at the forefront when it comes to screening, qualification, and testing/analysis ensuring that the products tested meet all these mission critical requirements.


Advancement in semiconductors and other electronic devices for space applications continue to push manufacturers to the limits of what can be produced that meets all the performance and reliability requirements while being exposed to the extreme temperatures and radiation found in space. As a DLA certified laboratory and a DMEA trusted test lab for MIL-STD-883, MIL-STD-750, MIL-STD-202 mechanical, environmental, DPACI is the premier testing facility for all of your space application parts.

Medical Electronics

Medical devices are being asked to monitor, communicate and to do much more than they have in the past. DPACI's Total Solutions approach provides an integrated team within one facility to ensure that quality is part of initial testing, analysis, documentation and certification for your medical device parts.
Our Turn-Key Total Solution Services and Products, Under One Roof!
Parts Screening and Testing

Testing and evaluation in accordance with applicable customer requirements, military specifications and standards.

Electrical Electronic Electromechanical (EEE) Parts

From Customer's parts list, to procurement of material and value added services including purchasing, testing, qualification manufacturing and analysis.

Destructive Physical Analysis (DPA) / Failure Analysis

Samples are analyzed in accordance with applicable DPA specifications and standards such as MIL-STD-1580, SSQ25000, and MIL-STD-883.

Counterfeit Parts Analysis and Screening

Our in-house lab performs screening and analysis of the electrical, physical, material, chemical, mechanical and environmental characteristics.

Custom Assembly, Packaging and Qualification

Specializing in Turn-Key Solutions, DPACI offers comprehensive manufacturing, assembly, qualification, testing, & certification of high reliability components.

RF Testing, Screening and Qualification

DPACI has extensive technical expertise and core system knowledge to support mission critical test requirements, complex RF PCB design capabilities, and custom RF ATE development.

Patented DPEM Process for ​Die Removal

DPEM (Decapsulate Plastic Encapsulated Module) is DPACI’s patented Turn-Key Solution to replacement of obsolete high reliability devices in legacy systems.

Trusted Semiconductor Die/Wafer Source

As a Trusted Source accredited by DMEA, our unique position of being both a customer and supplier of services to major memory manufacturers makes us your source to provide Turn-Key Solutions for your high density memory requirements.

QML Memory Products

DPACI offers our own line of QML military memory SRAM products. These are products for Q (military) level Asynchronous SRAM - Certified by the Defense Logistics Agency (DLA) for the production.

Obsolete Part Replacements

DPACI performs the review of obsolete part specifications and recommends the closest available part substitution. We will generate a test plan or assembly drawing to custom package and/or upgrade parts to required quality and reliability levels.

Cryogenics Test Lab

DPACI Cryogenics Test Laboratory has been operational for over a decade providing test data, temperature cycling, simulation, and analysis for our customer’s rigid deep space component qualification requirements.

Our Mission

DPA Components International (DPACI) provides testing, manufacturing, analytical services and trusted sourcing, of electronic piece parts to the Space, Military, Aerospace, Medical and Consumer markets. We provide Greater Value by offering Turn-Key Solutions to meet our customers' needs.

Douglas Young


Why choose DPACI ?

For over 40 years DPA Components International has been a key provider of testing and analysis of electronic parts for mission critical systems in the aerospace, space, military and medical industries. Our “Total Solutions” approach provides an integrated team within one facility to ensure that quality is part of initial design and development and continues through all phases of production, testing and certification. This minimizes the risk and logistics in a program, resulting in “Better Value”
In addition to our Turn-Key Solution of innovative electrical, electromechanical, electronic (EEE) parts solutions, today the company is manufacturing standard QML memory products, providing custom packaging, qualification, screening, counterfeit analysis and its own patent-pending DPEM (Decapsulate Plastic Encapsulated Module) ​ process for obsolete parts.

Premier Testing Facility

40Years of Experience

AS9100 Certified

  • Accredited DMEA Trusted Source

  • DLAM Certified for MIL-STD-883 and
    MIL-STD-750 Test Lab Suitability

  • AS9100 Certified Company

  • DLA Qualified Supplier

  • Testing Performed at One Facility

  • Over 40 Years of Industry Experience

Our continued commitment to reinvesting in the company gives DPACI the ability to offer our customers a Total Solution Approach for their projects with state of the art equipment, a highly trained staff and all under one roof, to minimize your risk and supply chain issues.

Aaron Resella

Director of Quality Assurance

Our Company Values

For over 40 years, the DPA Components International (DPACI) family has been building relationships with our customers and partnering with them on projects that last. Because of the quality of our work, our customer service, and appreciation for both our customer and our employees, DPACI continues to build on its reputation as a Premier Testing Company. Serving an impressive list of long-time clients, we are an organization of seasoned professionals with a tremendous amount of passion and experience in parts testing and providing analytical services for all of of clients.

  • Customers

    Our goal is to serve our customers better by offering superior value, thereby contributing to their mission success. Our "Turn-Key Solutions" philosophy means that our customers can get more innovative options, better quality and higher reliability from a single AS9100 Quality System vendor.

  • Employees

    Our employees are the most important assets we have. They create the bond that strengthens the relationship between our customers and our Company.

  • Quality Work

    Quality is the essence of our success. It is paramount in our customers' expectations and it is exemplified in our employees' performance. DPACI's "Greater Value, Turn-Key Solutions" philosophy derives from our commitment to ensure quality in each step of a product, from the conception of a solution to implementation, design, manufacture and assurance testing.

  • Integrity

    Integrity has been the key to DPACI's business success for over 40 years. It is a cornerstone of our corporate culture and foremost in the minds of every employee. Integrity is what our customers expect and it is the basis of DPACI's strong company pride.

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