Cryogenics Testing Lab

DPACI Cryogenics Test Laboratory has been operational for over a decade providing test data, temperature cycling, simulation, and analysis for our customer’s rigid deep space component qualification requirements. Our firm provides our customers with most accurate test data taken at temperatures ranging from 10°Kelvin to 400°Kelvin.

DPACI’s Cryogenics Test Lab provides cryogenic expertise, electrical testing, MIL standards, ATE development, test fixture construction and practical problem-solving for technology development with research institutions and aerospace companies.


DPA Components International
Custom Closed Cycle System

  • 10°Kelvin to 400°Kelvin sample test range
  • Removable test stage
  • Custom stand allows for lift and rotation of system
  • Low vibration
  • Remote compressor setup
  • Optical bench mounting optional
Our cryogenic lab facility includes the following:
  • Continuous flow cryostats cooled with liquid nitrogen and liquid helium from a self-pressurizing storage Dewar.
  • Closed-cycle cryostats which consists of helium gas being pumped through a chamber using a refrigeration system from Sumitomo Cryogenics. This closed system is suitable for temperature cycling between 10°Kelvin to 400°Kelvin.
  • Component Analysis and Data Modeling using NI software-connected test & measurement systems.
  • System Automation and Data Acquisition using Lake Shore temperature controllers and real-time chart recording software.
  • Customized Fixture Design which allows us to test an array of components including:
  1. Capacitors
  2. Temperature sensors
  3. FPA’s
  4. Resistors
  5. RTD’s
  6. Connectors
  7. Diodes
  8. MOSFET’s
  9. Integrated circuits & modules