DPA Components International, Simi Valley
Awarded $3M Contract from US Air Force


DPA Components Int’l was awarded a $3 million contract from the Air Force to automate their Die Extraction and Remanufacturing (DPAM) process that is used for replacement spares, which normally would need less than a dozen at a time and a single order could easily be satisfied by a heavily manual procedure. However, with a series of spare orders involving 50 to 100 ICs, the current manual procedure could not provide a timely delivery. It is necessary to create a DPAM methodology with existing industry developed semi-automated equipment to produce reliably with mechanical, laser, ultrasonic, etching and microwave technology to reliably extract the die from a plastic part and repackage into a form, fit, and function package meeting the footprint of the obsolete part. The goal is to accomplish the remanufacturing average time in one-fourth the manual process time for a high quantity remanufactured production semiconductor.

DPA Components International, Simi Valley
Receives Gold Tier Award from BAE Systems

JUNE - 2020

BAE Systems was pleased to present DPA Components International with the Gold Tier Award for exceptional performance and contributions to supply chain success.
This award is part of BAE’s company’s ‘Partner 2 Win’ program designed to achieve operational excellence and eliminate defects in the supply chain.
DPA Components International was one of 43 suppliers to earn this prestigious status from a pool of more than 2,200 suppliers within BAE’s Electronic Systems sector in 2019.

DPA Components International, Simi Valley
Partnership with Infineon/Cypress Semiconductor Corporation
on Space Level Memory Products

APRIL - 2020

DPACI is pleased to announce the continue partnership with Infineon/Cypress Semiconductor on a family of Synchronous Static and Flash Memories for space level requirements. The memory sizes include:
2 megabytes*
4 megabytes*
16 megabytes*
72 megabytes*
144 megabytes*
288 megabytes**
256 megabytes**
512 megabytes**
*QML V level of MIL-PRF-38535
** QML V by fiscal year 2022.

DPA Components International, Simi Valley
DPACI’s DPEM Patent product passed
MIL-PRF-38535 for Class B and Class S Level test requirements in
US Air Force
Award Reliability Study.

JANUARY - 2020

Due to the obsolescence created by technical advancement in semiconductor electronic parts, an effective and quick reaction solution is needed to bridge existing legacy systems to new designs and platforms. DER (Die Extraction and Reassembly) has been introduced to the industry in the 1990’s and has solved many small scale obsolescence problems with DPA Components International's DPEM Patent. In this study DPACI selected five (5) different obsolete IC types of different technology for the DER/DPEM process to prove it will yield reliable products meeting MIL-STD-883 and by using existing processes procedures developed over 20 years. The study shows that the processes developed by DPACI’s DPEM Process can remove dice from precursor plastic parts of different technologies, repackage them into standard MIL-STD-1835 hermetic packages, test and qualify to the rigorous Class B and Class S level assembly and screening of MIL-PRF-38535 and MIL-STD-883 to be a viable form-fit function turn-key solution to obsolescence.